Clinical Templates

This following clinical templates have been collected and curated by Country SA PHN. They represent what we consider to be the best of breed within the given field.

We provide these templates in a number of formats to match the most common clinical software found across our region. Care has been taken to ensure that these templates work correctly with this software.

Please contact us using the online form available here if you require assistance using the forms or have any other feedback.

To help you keep up to date you can download all the templates as a zip file, simply use the check boxes to the left of the resource and then press ‘Download selected items as zip file’ at the bottom of the table. When you do so you can opt in to receive an email when any of the files you have selected receive updates.

Resource Name Application Latest Version
Eating Disorder Plan MD BP Zedmed November 2019
Free Flu Vaccines under 5s MD BP Zedmed May 2018
GPMP TCA Arthritis MD BP Zedmed March 2015
GPMP TCA Asthma MD BP Zedmed March 2015
GPMP TCA Benign Prostate Enlargement MD BP Zedmed March 2015
GPMP TCA Chronic Kidney Disease MD BP Zedmed March 2015
GPMP TCA Diabetes BP MD BP Zedmed March 2015
GPMP TCA generic MD BP Zedmed March 2015
Heart Health Assessment MD BP Zedmed October 2019
My Aged Care - Referral Template MD BP Zedmed August 2015
Quit Line Referral MD BP Zedmed October 2019
Referral Guide to Adult and Paediatric Pain Management Units MD BP Zedmed December 2019
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