The SA Maternal, Neonatal and Gynaecology, and the SA Child and Adolescent Health Communities of Practice facilitate the development and review of Practice Guidelines.

On behalf of the both the SA Communities of Practice, we would like to inform you that the SA Health Apple app - 'Practices Guideline Reader' will cease operation as of 13 November 2017. This will be replaced with the more reliable web-based app https://extapps,hea/lh,

You would be aware that SA Health has for many years made clinical practice guidelines available through its internet site and an Apple app named: 'Practices Guideline Reader'.

These guidelines have been determined as the minimum standard of care and support clinicians' during their clinical decision making and with a noted 5000-10000 'hits' per month, the practice guidelines remain a current tool for clinicians when planning their clinical management.

Historically, the upload process of the practice guidelines to both the SA Health internet site and the Apple app has required significant co-ordination. Although the SA Health Online Services Unit can upload twice per day (Monday- Friday), the upload process to the Apple app requires a lead in of at least 7 days. Further, the upload process to the Apple app is reliant upon one person in the eHealth team, which subsequently poses a 'single point of failure' risk. It should also be noted that access to the Apple app was restricted to Apple products only (i.e. iPhone, iPad, etc.) and did not include access for those using products with an Android operating system,

In view of these risks the SA Health eHealth team have provided a web-based app as a replacement for the Apple app. The newly developed web-based app named 'Practice Guidelines' will improve the upload process and increase accessibility to the practice guidelines via any device regardless of their operating environment as long as it has internet connectivity. It also has improved search functionality when compared to the SA Health website, making it easier for clinicians to secure their choice of practice guideline, This will continue to be refined over time as guidelines are reviewed and updated.

The web-based app has been tested by lead clinicians from across the three disciplines affected, producing very positive results. This was undertaken during October 2017 in liaison with the SA Health eHealth and Online Service staff.

Instruction sheets detailing how to access the web-based app and create a shortcut on your mobile device or PC are attached, including instructions on how to delete the outdated Apple app from mobile devices.

Please share this information with the clinicians in your organisation.

If you require any additional information please feel free to contact either Bee Smith (Rebecca,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Jayne Wilkie (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Yours sincerely,

Dr Steve Scroggs: Chair - SA Maternal, Neonatal & Gynaecology Community of Practice
Dr Gavin Wheaton: Chair - SA Child & Adolescent Health Community of Practice

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Instructions for desktop computers
Instructions for Apple devices
Instructions for Android and other devices


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