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1 August 2017

Rise and shine country South Australia with new Hello Sunday Morning app, Daybreak

The world-leading online movement for alcohol behavior change, Hello Sunday Morning, has a new app, Daybreak, now free to access right across regional South Australia.

Funded by Country SA PHN for South Australian rural residents, Hello Sunday Morning uses online platforms, technology and the Daybreak app to provide people with the tools and support to help them change their relationship with alcohol – whether that’s taking a break from drinking or simply cutting back.

Country SA PHN is pleased to fully fund the Daybreak app for South Australian rural residents,” said Country SA PHN, Chief Executive Kim Hosking.

“The online program allows people to discuss their relationship with alcohol and anonymously access help online. This is particularly important for people living in regional or remote areas, where your local health professional is most likely someone you know, or almost certainly knows someone you know.”

The new health app, Daybreak, uses evidence-based technology to help individuals reduce their alcohol consumption and set healthier habits. It gives Daybreak users access to a range of health services, including weekly reviews, online motivational interviewing, online access to coaches, content based in cognitive-behavioural therapy, and support networks.

Daybreak members do not have to have a medically defined alcohol dependency. The app is designed for people who are dissatisfied with their drinking and are seeking tools to help make a change.

Since 2010 Hello Sunday Morning has grown to be the largest online movement for alcohol behaviour change in the world.

“It’s easy to get swept up in a drinking culture. Every now and then we need a rope to pull us back to dry land. Hello Sunday Morning is that rope,” said Chris Raine, Hello Sunday Morning, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“Our vision is a world where drinking is an individual choice, not a cultural expectation. A world where culture and identity aren’t measured in standard servings. A world of better choices, fewer hang overs, and unforgettable Sunday mornings.”

To access the program for free, simply download Daybreak from the Apple App Store or Google Play, record your postcode when prompted and follow the instructions.

For more information, to start your conversation about alcohol or to access the Daybreak app you can also access the website at

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