Board of Directors


Executive Office

Chief Executive Officer
Kim Hosking

Chief Operations Officer
Mark Hartigan

Manager - Communications & Executive Support
Kylie Kasal


Corporate Services

Senior Manager 
Jim Rankin

Contracts & Commissioning 
Amanda Exindaris
Helen McFarlane
Leah McFarlane

Daniel Eustice
Justine Jenke
Marg Scarman

HR and Business Support
Sarah Price

Performance, Quality
& Improvement

Chief Information Officer
Colin Standing

Digital Health & Systems Integration
Hannah Manuel
Nabil Rashid
Sarah Wiles
Sash Sri Priyadarshan
Tom Bukojemski

Information Services 
Candice Lea
Claire Bryan-Hancock
Sam Sedghi

Information Technology 
Marko Mudrinski
Matthew Broughton

Practice Support 
Debbie Stratford
Jane Williams
Janette Baker
Julie Di Rito

Systems Development 
Nick Rechten
Phirun Son
Shirelee Mourdoukoutas

Regional Strategies
& Service Design

Senior Manager 
Suzanne Mann

May Chmielewski

Regional Strategies & Service Design 
Brenton Chappell
Christina Tap
Courtney Thorpe
Elizabeth Kennedy
Emma Young
Inara Beecher
Jane Cooper
Kashif Naqvi
Michelle Dunemann
Noelene Cooper
Sara Manser
Tracy Maynard
Venessa Blinman



Aboriginal Health Policy
& Partnerships

John Buckskin  

Mental Health & AOD

Senior Manager 
Reg Harris

Mental Health & AOD 
Chez Curnow
Chloe Oosterbroek
Hayley Colyer
Kim Doecke
Tania Manser

Health Policy

Ali Krollig

Health Policy 
Anthea Kemp
Helen Exley
Kerri Knowles
Litza Myers




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